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Commercial edge protection
We provide a variety of safety systems for all kinds of commercial applications. Details of the various systems are listed below and brochures are included in the Resource Centre.

Perimeter-SystemPerimeter Guardrail System

The Perimeter System provides edge protection on large commercial buildings without interfering with the installation of roof sheets. This guardrail fits all the commonly used purlins, girts and fascia steel.

Deck-Set-SystemDeck Sets System

The Deck Sets System is a unique Guardrail System designed to fit on top of all commercial/industrial roof profiles. May be used for edge protection, maintenance or as a barricade to designate a loading area, or a “NO GO” area.

Clamp-On-SystemClamp-On System

The Clamp-On System is used on the top of concrete parapet walls or the edge of cantilever slab floors. Clamp-On is adjustable from 100mm to 480mm thick walls or slabs. Used to provide edge protection on balconies allowing the early removal of external scaffold.

Concrete-Bolt-Down-SystemConcrete Bolt Down System

The Concrete Bolt Down System is used to provide edge protection on concrete slabs, stairs and voids.

Bolt-On-SystemConcrete Bolt-On System

The concrete Bolt on system is used on tilt up panels whereby the roof and the gutters are close to the top of the panel and the clamp on system cannot be used. This system allows the roof to be completed whilst providing Perimeter edge protection.


Our team will work with you to find the right solution; we are Agents for ATF Services and Accredited Installers of Sayfa systems, giving us access to a huge range of Industry leading products and services.

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