Height Safety Solutions
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Residential Edge Protection
We provide a variety of safety systems for all kinds of residential applications. Details of the various systems are listed below and brochures are included in the Resource Centre.

Over-Rafter-SystemOver Rafter Guardrail System (Tile Roof Only)

The over rafter guardrail fits to the rafter and penetrates the roof, just above and behind the fascia.

Under-Rafter-SystemUnder Rafter Guardrail System

The under rafter guardrail is fitted to the rafters or studs. The guardrail comes under and around the fascia, not hindering the laying of the roof, whether it is tiles or metal.

Re-Roof-SystemRe-Roof System

The Re Roof System is most commonly used in front of Dutch Gables to allow carpenters and painters to complete their work safely after the roof has been sheeted.

The system is also designed for use when carrying out a metal re roof with roof workers able to slide one post at a time out of the way while leaving the Guardrail system intact to provide edge protection.

No-Eave-BracketNo Eave System

The No Eave System eliminates many of the problems associated with erecting safety rail where fascia is hard against brickwork or has a small eave overhang less than 450mm. This system allows the bracket to be removed from inside the house prior to the ceiling being fitted without disturbing the roof sheets.

Retainer-Wall-SystemRetainer Wall System

The retainer wall system can be fitted to limestone, double brick or concrete retainer walls and is adjustable up to 480mm in width. To minimise the risk of objects falling, mesh kick boards can be fitted.

Compression SystemCompression System

The compression system is designed primarily for use on Metal Roofs as it allows workers to be protected without interfering with the laying of roof sheets.


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